My dad left his iPad with 3G with me… Ehehehehehehehehehehe

Well, hello there…

♥ 3 — 2 days ago on 21 Aug 2014
lizzywhimsy inquired:

*poke* ehehehe





*sobs* I MISS YOU TOO.

Does your phone still work? Cuz I can definitely text you more when I get the chance to.

Yeah, it works! I’m looking forward to that! :D

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I’m stressed and I’m sorry to vent to you guys. I’m sorry I’ve seemed so negative for the past few days. 

Moving is getting absolutely exhausting, a-snails-trail is being affected because it’s very hard to transition right now and settle down to do artwork, I don’t have wi fi at the new house, And my to do list is 3 pages long, no joke… I apologize for not being around lately, it’s a really rough time for me right now. I hope to settle in and get back to doing artwork and posting it soon. 

I also want to apologize to lalabyrdie, who has had to work her booty off with the last couple snail’s trail comics because of this. Guys, go check out her tumblr, she’s a wonderful artist. She deserves all the praise. 

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still waiting for wi fi at the new house. This will be the only day I have wi fi access for the rest of the week. I won’t be around for a week and a half or so. I might be able to pop in using my dad’s iPad but I can’t do much with it. 

♥ 2 — 5 days ago on 18 Aug 2014

well, I’ll be gone for a couple days again, but the good news is that we should have wi fi at the farm in a few days, which means these long periods of absence won’t be happening as much. 

See you guys, later!

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There aint no party like a Bonaparty ‘cause a Bonaparty don’t stop until you’re defeated at Waterloo and you’re forced into exile on the island of Saint Helena

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Thanks for waiting! 

Oh! before I’m gone again for a couple days, check out the update for a-snails-trail!

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I’m at a loss for words about Robin Williams’ death… I am absolutely floored. You hear about celebrities passing away but for some reason this news hit harder than ever.

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All alone in the house. Not creeped out at all right now… nope…

where did everybody else go?

They all moved out. There is only me left, and it’s not fun when you can’t say that the creepy ass sounds you hear in the middle of the night are probably your roommates…

Old houses make creepy sounds… My new house was built in 1912, it makes the craziest sounds all the time lol The wind makes it creek, the plumbing rattles… It wakes you up in the middle of the night because you thought you heard the floor boards creek…

I know they do, so I’m not too concerned. Though the loud scratching noises coming from IN my room at 3 in the morning on the dot are rather terrifying…

Oh… Oh dear… Scratching? I had that happen to me for awhile in my old room. There was scratching on my wall near where my headboard was… I don’t think it was rats or mice… all though, you said you saw a mouse, so it might have been little mice scratching around… maybe… oh gosh…

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Well, I’m going to go to bed soon

Don’t forget to check out a-snails-trail tomorrow for an update. 

I’ll see you guys in about two or three days… *sniffles* I’m going to miss you guys…

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